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This is the online portfolio of a Utah based photographer. I have retired as a full time professional photographer and only work on projects that I find of interest. Most of my work has been associated with helping models establish their portfolios. That and shooting glamour portraits of local women. Thus the name of the web site Glamography.com --- the melding of Glamour and Photography.  Glamour in my vocabulary is another word for beauty.  So you will find beautiful flowers here as well as blossoming women.

In the Modeling section you will find advice for those thinking of trying out modeling, and portfolios of models I have worked with.  

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Wedding photography seems to be a staple for all photographers


Depending on the model I will consider ---
Trade For CD's,
 What before the Digital Age was called Trade for Photos, and before the web it was called Testing. That is, depending on the situation I will work with you for free to help you start a portfolio, in exchange you give me rights to publish your photos, which is where most of the images here came from.) 


I have done my own makeup so the Before and After section will give you some examples of what good make up can do. I found that I excelled at what most people call a Portrait but that Model's call a Head Shot, specifically the glamour shot,  and there are a number of good examples in that section and the glamour section. 

Glamour is a complex subject with many levels.

 Basic Glamour is just shooting a woman so that her beauty shines through. Glamour in my mind is not about sex, glamour is about beauty. 



If you find a models name under any picture in this site, clicking on it will take you to her portfolio page. While there  is no nudity on this site, there is some implied nudity as in below. Some models have their own web site which I have linked to at the request of the model and I have no control of their content. 

If you need to ask " how much does it cost" you probably can't afford me. However I sometimes do shoots just for fun, especially if you are a new model --- Just ask

Swimsuit is self explanatory, but surprisingly I have not done that many, so if you would like to pose I'd love to have more images in that section.


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The buttons on the left of the screen will guide you to examples of some of my work in the that area. For children the site is basically a "G" rating, however the implied nudity shots may be considered as "PG" by some people.  

Please note that most images are thumbnails of larger versions which you can see by clicking on the image.


All Images are copyrighted by the photographer and may not be used without permission.