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Resources and articles about modeling 
and working with models. 

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Trying to get that perfect look?  Here is one diet that worked.

Note: Diets in general do not work.  The only way to stay slim is to get your body fat and lean body mass in the right ratios.  Generally 15% to 20% body fat for women, depending on age, etcetera.  Go for how you look and feel, not the scale! The diet described here is a corrective diet and it does modify your body fat ratio for most people, but exercise and moderation is the real key.

The Basics of Makeup

Why is photographic makeup different than street makeup, how do I put it on?

How to properly fit your Bra.


If You've Got 
"The Look" . . . Look Out!

Avoiding Modeling Scams

The Federal Trade Commission gives you advise on looking out for scams and rip offs.  How to spot a valid modeling school from the guys wanting the fast bucks and they don't care whose dreams they destroy to get it.

Sample Model Release

I like to use a release that kind of covers all the bases, if it is just a TFP shoot and the model  does not want to give a blanket release I can cross out the first paragraph and we are ready to rumble.  If you intend to publish you must have two forms of Government ID on file with the release.  Otherwise you might be liable for a huge federal fine, especially with anything at all "sexy".  So I just make it practice to always get copies of ID, then I don't forget the one time I really need it.  Also get the release signed before you start to shoot.  Once you pick up that camera signing a release is the last thing on your mind. 

Models a release is to protect you as well, as this document defines what is going to happen to your images.



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